Fraction is an online community for participating in primary market sales for fractionalized NFT art. After the sale is conducted, the tokens trade freely on the secondary market facilitated by DAOfi.

what is fractionalized art

by Jared Madere

Fractionalized Pieces


The ERC-721 is fractionlized into fungible ERC-20 tokens using the ERC-1155 token standard.


Bonding Curve


The fractionalized fungible tokens trade on a bonding curve in the secondary market.

how to join

  • Join the Fraction token-permissioned telegram group by holding 5000 DAOfi tokens. First, you will have to acquire 5000 DAOfi tokens on Uniswap. After you’ve received at least 5000 DAOfi tokens in your MetaMask wallet, click this link on desktop to join the token-permissioned chat group:

  • Once you’re in the Fraction community, you’ll have the opportunity to be entered into crowdsale lotteries for primary market allocations in fractionalized NFTs.

  • After the primary market sale is over, the fractionalized NFT pieces will trade freely on the secondary market on DAOfi

  • The types of projects that might trade on DAOfi might include digital art, real-life art installations, music, experiences, communal events and other digital assets.